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My good friend asked me to do her maternity photos but thought we should do them early this time since she is HUGE……….ok, I do not see huge here…..

Anyways, big or small, we photographed this beautiful belly and tried our best to incorporate the future big brother.  Big bro is going to have a hard time learning to share mommy with baby (it is so sweet how much he loves his momma) but I am sure he’ll get used to it like they all do!







When I first pulled up to this family’s house there was a mom and two little girls playing across the street and I thought to myself “those girls are ADORABLE, I hope that is my family to photograph”, and IT WAS!  I have this soft spot right now for little blonde girls around my daughters age – I find them so adorable!  They all seem to remind me of all the cute things she does and I just want to squeeze them!  Love it!










Tell me that this dad isn’t worried about what is to come when these three BEAUTIFUL girls are teenagers?!?  These girls were so fun and full of energy.  The oldest girl shares the same name as my baby girl so she was quite intrigued by that and I promised her that we would set up a playdate so she could meet her “mini-me”.  So sweet.












A friend of mine pointed out the other day that she keeps checking my blog for new posts and there is nothing there?  This is for lack of time – not lack of photos!  So, here you go Jaime, I am going to spend some time catching up!

Check out this beautiful family that managed to get there fall pictures while the leaves were still here!