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As we do in our family, many families choose right before Xmas to capture an image of their family to send out in a Christmas card.  Here is a little collage of the good looking families I got to photograph during the past holiday season….













Here is another little sweetheart who made an arrival shortly before Christmas.  My main memory of this night (apart from the new baby smell :)), was the terrible winter driving conditions on the way home.  Crazy wind and blowing snow, street lights out all along Stony Trail, slippery sections all over the place  –  it was definitely white knuckle driving!  I made it though and here are the pics to prove it!









I must say…..after the crazy fall and pre-Christmas session swamp I was tired!!!!!  I took the whole month of January off with no photo shoots and I enjoyed every minute of having some time back for myself.  Now I am relaxed and ready to get going again!  There is no better way to get back into the swing of things than with a sweet little baby to photograph.








I must admit that I was worried about this session.  I always get nervous when doing a newborn session with a baby that is a few weeks old…….you just never know what you are going to get!  However, baby J was a little angel and he made me realize that you can just never predict what you are going to get with a newborn……….5 days or 15 days old!